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Hello from Fulfillment by Amazon


Did you know you can use the existing manufacturer barcodes (UPC/EAN/JAN) on your eligible products to identify and track your inventory throughout the Amazon fulfillment process? This means you no longer have to label your individual items.

When you choose to use the manufacturer barcode to track your inventory, you could save money as well as time. It may cost you approximately $0.20 per item to apply an Amazon barcode. Using the manufacturer barcode saves you this upfront cost.

To change an existing offer to use the manufacturer barcode, create a new listing for that item, and then select Manufacturer barcode on the product details page.

You can also change your default barcode preference for all new offers that you create:

In your seller account, under Settings, click Fulfillment by Amazon (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/…/ssof/configur…/index.html, sign-in required).

Locate FBA Product Barcode Preference and click Edit.
Select Manufacturer barcode or Amazon barcode, and then click Save.

When you change your inventory settings, the change only applies to new listings you create after the change takes effect. Please allow 24 hours for the changes to be fully processed before creating new offers for your eligible inventory.

Not all inventory is eligible for tracking with the manufacturer barcode. When you create a listing, you will be alerted if any of your inventory requires a separate Amazon barcode to be accepted at Amazon fulfillment centers.

For more information, see Use the manufacturer barcode to track inventory (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/200141480, sign-in required).

With the manufacturer barcode as your default barcode preference, when customers purchase a product from you, Amazon can send the item that is closest to them, even if you didn’t send it to the fulfillment center. You get the credit for the sale, and we transfer an item from your inventory to the seller whose inventory was used to fulfill the order.

We track each unit of inventory we receive, so we’re able to quickly identify which seller sent which item should any problems arise. If any actions are taken because of product quality, it is the seller who sent the item to the fulfillment center whose account is affected, not the seller who received credit for the sale.

If, at any time, you receive negative feedback on your seller profile page about an item that was sent by another seller, please contact Seller Support (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/…/contact-us/contact-amazo…, sign-in required).

Thank you for selling on Amazon.
The Fulfillment by Amazon team



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