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Q4 FBA Amazon Run

Sales are picking up and wanted to give you some Seasoned Sellers Tips!

  • Don’t run out of inventory. Even million dollar sellers can run low. So now is
    not the time to be thinking that you have approx 200 items, lets see how it goes.
  • The closer it moves into the month of November the busier it gets causing pick-ups with UPS and shipping to get slower along with  slow check-in with Amazon.
  • Ship fast. Inventory will not sell sitting at your house. Now would be a good time to find a Prep Company.
  • Reprice often.
  • Cross-Fulfillment possible using Joe Lister. Having multiple ways to sell product is always good.
  • Stock-Up on shipping supplies EARLY. Retail stores and online places do and will run out of supplies.
  • Go Wide not Deep
  • Use Extensions that I have talked about ofen
  • Learn what you can sell and what you can’t sell. Just because you can’t sell that popular doll does not mean you can’t sell all the accessories.
  • Hire someone to help you. Hire seniors, kids, college kids. Batter or trade with someone.



Now get out there and Source Ship Ship Source and Ship More


Candy, Canes

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