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Most travel is normally done during the summer, hence summer vacation. But us Texans don’t have to worry what time of year it is to travel.

We can travel World-Wide and stay in Texas.

Need to be cheered up?

Happy, Texas                                                                                                  
Pep, Texas
Smiley, Texas
Paradise, Texas
Rainbow, Texas
Sweet Home, Texas
Comfort, Texas
Friendship, Texas

Love the sun?

Sun City, Texas
Sunrise, Texas

Sunset, Texas
Sundown, Texas
Sunray, Texas
Sunny Side, Texas

 Want something to eat?

Bacon, Texas
Noodle, Texas
Oatmeal, Texas
Turkey, Texas
Trout, Texas
Sugar Land, Texas
Salt, Texas
Rice, Texas

And to top it off with:

Sweetwater, Texas

We can travel to other cities and stay in Texas

Detroit, Texas
Colorado City, TexasDenver City, Texas                                                                                                          
Nevada, Texas
Memphis, Texas
Miami, Texas
Boston, Texas
Santa Fe, Texas
Tennessee Colony, Texas
Reno, Texas

How about traveling outside the country without a plane ticket?

Athen, Texas
Canadian, Texas
China, Texas
Egypt, Texas
Turkey, Texas
London, Texas
New London, Texas
Paris, Texas
Rhome, Texas
Palestine, Texas

No need to travel to Washington D.C.

Whitehouse, Texas

We even have a city named after our planet!

Earth, Texas

We also have a city named after our State!

Texas City, Texas

If we get exhausted

Energy, Texas


Blanket, Texas
Winters, Texas

Like to read about history?

Santa Anna, Texas
Goliad, Texas
Alamo, Texas                                                                                                    
Pioneer, Texas

Need office supplies?

Staples, Texas

Men are from Mars, women are from? You guessed it!

Venus, Texas

And it’s on the stateline

Texline, Texas
Texarkana, Texas

We have stuff for the kids.

Kermit, Texas
Elmo, Texas
Nemo, Texas
Tarzan, Texas
Winnie, Texas
Sylvester, Texas

Other city names in Texas that make you smile:

Frognot, Texas
Bigfoot, Texas
Hogeye, Texas
Cactus, Texas
Notrees, Texas
Best, Texas
Veribest, Texas
Kickapoo, Tesas
Dime Box, Texas
Telephone, Texas
Telegraph, Texas
Whiteface, Texas
Hereford, Texas
Twitty, Texas

And last by not least.

The Anti-Al Gore city
Kilgore, Texas

WHOOPS left out:

Muleshoe, Texas
Cut n Shoot, Texas
Gun Barrell City, Texas
Hoop and Holler, Texas
Dilly, Texas

Ding Dong and don’t forget

Farewell, Texas






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