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There are truly people out there that need help. That need just a helping hand to climb up.

I let God lead me when I should offer help. Then, I just hand it over to God. If I didn’t hear God correctly and I did wrong He will fix it.

And if I did the right thing, he will fix that as well.                                                                          

But yesterday, I knew it was wrong from the beginning!! I pulled up to a stop light and this homeless man (according to his sign) is walking the length of the cars. He is waving hello and holding his sign.

As he passes me, I’m looking in my side mirror and I see him digging into his pocket. I instantly think, if you are homeless are you looking for how much change you have? Sadly, that was not the case. He pulls out a fancy phone and while holding it behind his sign he obviously is texting something.

I know the people in front cannot see what he is doing behind the sign. Reminded me of school kids hiding notes under a desk at school.

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