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Amazon FBA Q4 Reminder & Warning



  • WARNING and I will repeat this.
    November 1st, but I would not wait till the last moment is Box Content requirement with Amazon.
    “IF” you do not do this, you will be charged AND even worse, your shipment will take longer to check-in. Amazon is only trying to be quick and efficient.

    Shouldn’t we try and help?
  • It’s bad anytime of year that your shipment gets checked in slow, but during Q4, that is a Disaster!! Time is of the essence!

If you are using a Prep Company, yes, your Prep Company should be aware of this. But this is “Your” business and your responsibility. You need to contact your Prep Company and make sure everything is in place.


Reminder – If you are part of MST (My Silent Team) and the Q4 Sessions. Here is there announcement and the calendar for the webinars.

  • ¬†We are getting the party started early this year. Our original time was for October 21, but with popular demand we are going to kick off on October 17.
  • The 2nd webinar is on Monday November 14th.
  • The 3rd webinar is on Monday, December 5th.



Candy, Canes

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